Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rubber Stamping – Easy and Creative

Enter the phrase ‘rubber stamp’ in the Yahoo! search engine and you will be faced with over 3,000,000 results. What is rubber stamping and why is it so popular?

Many women (and men) recognize that despite the fast pace of life we lead everyone needs to devote some time to themselves. Whether young or old many women are finding rubber stamping a creative outlet that permits them to relax, share and have an excuse to get together with their friends. You might call rubber stamping the ‘quilting bee’ for the 21st century.

What is rubber stamping?

Rubber stamping as a hobby is far more of an art form than the basic stamps you remember using as children. While the tools are similar (stamp and ink) you will be simply amazed at the thousands of products available for avid rubber stamp enthusiasts.

Rubber stamp users enjoy displaying their creative geniuses by using these simple tools to make elaborate and personal note cards along with other items like bookmarks and even artwork for display. Many individuals who enjoy scrapbooking also use rubber stamps to embellish their work.

Why is rubber stamping so popular?

Perhaps it is the fact that society in general has become so focused on electronic means of communication like email and cell phones that people are looking to a more traditional means of correspondence like handwritten notes. Rubber stamping takes that ideal to new levels as each card can take a significant amount of time to create depending on the intricacy of the design.

Another reason for the popularity in rubber stamping and scrapbooking is the social aspect. It is easy to see from the online forums that many enjoy talking about and comparing creations with other rubber stamp users.

Others form groups in their local area, either with friends or through rubber stamp classes that are held in craft stores or by local enthusiasts. While spending time together creating and sharing ideas and stamps they are able to relax and enjoy each others company.

What do you need to start rubber stamping?

Paper, ink and a stamp is the premise of rubber stamping but that is over simplifying the process as anyone who’s been to a craft store or specialty rubber stamp store can attest.

You will soon get accustomed to terms such as ‘mounting’, ‘cushion’, ‘vellum’, ‘pigment’, ‘embossing’ and so on. The variety of papers, inks and stamp images are daunting – thus allowing each creator to develop a completely original card.

Rubber stamps can also be used on fabric, wood and even plastic with a little know-how. Specialty papers and inks add to the diversity of appearance and texture. Learning or devising new ways of combining materials can lead to impressive creations. Incorporating other items – dried flowers, ribbons, trinkets and other personal items as well as layering papers are all extensions of the rubber stamping passion. To get some idea of what can be done with rubber stamping view the gallery images available on many websites that sell rubber stamping materials.

If you are not sure where to begin you can find many books with project ideas or take a class to learn the basics. Check your local craft or art supply store if you’re interested. Ask a few friends along or start some new friendships as you learn to create memorable items with rubber stamps

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