Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Contemporary fireplace

Contemporary fireplace

Modern houses have changed with the times. Traditional rural houses had huge rooms, which facilitated and at the same time required building of fireplaces to keep the house warm and comfortable. Gas and electricity have helped in doing away with wood as a fuel. A contemporary fireplace is one that appeals to the modern house styles and yet retains the functionality of a fireplace. Latest styles and designs in contemporary styles are available at many lifestyle and home décor stores.

Contemporary fireplace designs

Most contemporary fireplace builders use materials other than brick and stone for building fireplaces. A minimal and clean looking fireplace with designer style fire surrounds that are perfect for electric or gas fires are being used more by designers and homeowners alike. Materials such as limestone and marble add a polished touch and are more durable. Antique carvings combined with long-lasting surfaces ensure that building a fireplace is a one-time expense.

Minimum clutter, maximum comfort

Customers, today demand, home décor that allows for absolutely no clutter. Sleek and clean lines in design are also expected of interior designers and decorators. Modern homes require a fire surround or a fireplace with minimum alterations in the already constructed house. A fireplace adds an element of comfort but at the same time must not take up too much space in the room. This would take away the charm from the fireplace. Providing comfort and making the room cozy with a fire in the winters but keeping away the soot and smoke are important criteria while choosing the kind of fireplace you would want to build up.

Changing with the times

Home décor has always been changing and moving ahead towards elegance and comfortable living. Newer cities and towns also adopted gas and electricity and brick fireplaces came to serve a mere decorative purpose rather than a...

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Monday, September 04, 2006

How to Get the Best Backless Prom Dress

Backless Prom Dresses; Bring Out The Sexiness In You!

Prom nights are among the most awaited events in high school life especially among the girls; this is the time when you can “dress up” and be at your best looks. And most especially, prom nights is the time to make memorable moments and create an impression to last for your class and the whole school to remember.

Talk about prom dresses; there are different styles and designs of dresses available for you. You can opt for something simple and elegant, fabulous and classical or something sweet and sexy; whatever styles you want, it could be your way to project the image that you’ve been wanting to minus those eyeglasses and pigtails.

Now, if you want to look sexy and stunning during your prom nights, you can always opt for backless prom dresses. And the good news is that finding these kind of dress is never daunting at all; every designer and boutique, department stores and dress shops would surely have different trims and cuts of backless dresses for proms in their inventories. You’ll surely have wide array to choose from; from short and dainty dresses to long and formal gowns.

How to Get the Best Backless Prom Dress

Though backless dresses are great and elegant, choosing or buying inappropriately will not so you any good. Thus, it is better to get yourself informed about the best dresses available. Know details such as what trim and cut fits a certain body frame, how deep should the cut be or how much back should be exposed, what accessories should a perfect dress have like sequins and beads, what colors will compliment a specific complexion, etc. You should also know the right place to buy these dresses and how to buy correctly. Here are few tips to help you:

Plan your dress ahead –though some might say that you’re being overexcited about planning your prom dress 4 months ahead of time, it could really help you get the best dress. How? Because you’ve got plenty of time to decide which among the designs, cuts, colors and materials you’ll get; and you get plenty of time to fit and choose the dress that will compliment you perfectly. You will also have more time to find a boutique or dress store that could create you a great backless prom dress with unique designs.

Keep a list of your prospect backless dress design – it would be advisable to keep track of the designs that you like; thus, when it’s time for you to choose, you’ve got plenty of options. This will also help you compare the pros and cons of each design and dress you’d like.

Budget everything – as you keep a list of those dresses you’ve seen from your research, also keep track of the prices so as to have enough money allotted to the dress that you’d finally have. This way, you can also allot enough budget for other prom details such as shoes, accessories, hairdos and make ups, etc.

Backless Prom Dresses Online

It would surely be tiresome to look up for backless dresses; you have to visit several department stores and boutiques just to buy the dress that you think perfectly suits you. However, there is a way to make your search easy and convenient; that is through the Internet. Instead of boutique hopping, you can browse websites on the Web that offers inventories of backless dresses and information about them. Mostly, they have easy-to-browse catalogues of dresses with different designs and styles plus suggestions and tips on what will compliment whom. Toll-free numbers are also available should you have any questions regarding their stocks and order policies.

Cigar Smoking 101

Cigar Smoking 101

What are the basics of cigar smoking? How do you light a cigar? How do you draw on the cigar properly? Do you inhale? What are the dos and don'ts of cigar smoking? If you have ever pondered any of these questions, read on. Here is a simple and accessible primer designed to help you gain familiarity with the sometimes confusing, always enigmatic world of cigar smoking.

First Step: Lighting Up

First, all new cigar smokers should learn how to properly light a cigar. Use a clipper designed for cigars to clip off the edge of the head (the section you put to your mouth). If possible light the foot of your cigar with a cedar match. Avoid regular cigarette lighters. They produce a nasty odor that can linger and ruin a good cigar. If you must use a lighter, use butane lighter. These will keep the odor to a minimum. However, you should always strive to use a wooden match because lighters can easily taint the foot of your cigar. How do you light up? Simply strike a match and hold the edge of your cigar over the flame. Avoid touching the cigar to the fire, simply hold the cigar over the flame and draw deeply until the cigar is lit.

Second Step: Burn it down to a nub?

Should you burn your cigar down to a nub? Experts recommend you leave at least two inches to your cigar. Even the finest cigars will tend to get bitter if you let it burn all the way down. What about ashes? Should you knock the ashes off of your cigar? Rather than knocking the ashes off the edge, let the cigar rest in the ashtray when you're not smoking it. The ashes will fall off naturally.

Third Step: Relax and Enjoy

A cigar should never be rushed. By design, cigars should be savored, preferably after dinner and with a glass of good brandy. Hold the cigar between your thumb and fingers—anything else might be considered bad taste. Also, don't inhale deeply. The smoke should not reach your lung. This is very bad for your health, and it will not help you taste the cigar any better. Of course, you should always be considerate of those around you. If possible, smoke in the company of other cigar smokers. A good cigar can be enjoyed alone and even more so with friends.