Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Contemporary fireplace

Contemporary fireplace

Modern houses have changed with the times. Traditional rural houses had huge rooms, which facilitated and at the same time required building of fireplaces to keep the house warm and comfortable. Gas and electricity have helped in doing away with wood as a fuel. A contemporary fireplace is one that appeals to the modern house styles and yet retains the functionality of a fireplace. Latest styles and designs in contemporary styles are available at many lifestyle and home décor stores.

Contemporary fireplace designs

Most contemporary fireplace builders use materials other than brick and stone for building fireplaces. A minimal and clean looking fireplace with designer style fire surrounds that are perfect for electric or gas fires are being used more by designers and homeowners alike. Materials such as limestone and marble add a polished touch and are more durable. Antique carvings combined with long-lasting surfaces ensure that building a fireplace is a one-time expense.

Minimum clutter, maximum comfort

Customers, today demand, home décor that allows for absolutely no clutter. Sleek and clean lines in design are also expected of interior designers and decorators. Modern homes require a fire surround or a fireplace with minimum alterations in the already constructed house. A fireplace adds an element of comfort but at the same time must not take up too much space in the room. This would take away the charm from the fireplace. Providing comfort and making the room cozy with a fire in the winters but keeping away the soot and smoke are important criteria while choosing the kind of fireplace you would want to build up.

Changing with the times

Home décor has always been changing and moving ahead towards elegance and comfortable living. Newer cities and towns also adopted gas and electricity and brick fireplaces came to serve a mere decorative purpose rather than a...

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