Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Multi-Liquid Vitamins

Multi-Liquid Vitamins

Each morning many of us are faced with taking a handful of pills. Sometimes it makes us wonder if the pills we take have the promised effect on our systems. This question comes into play when we consider the number of vitamins that we take. Not only do we take specific vitamins for our needs, but multivitamins are usually part of our morning pill routine.

The bad news is that many multivitamins pass right through our systems without being absorbed. This is because the vitamins and minerals are so compacted into the pill’s form that they are not able to be broken down. If they are not adequately broken down, they do not get absorbed. Basically, the pill goes from one end to the other with no purpose.

Finding a good liquid multi vitamin is the perfect solution to this dilemma. You can go through a test to make sure that your vitamin breaks down. Put your multivitamin into a glass of water. If the pill does not dissolve within ten minutes, it will not dissolve properly in your system and will not benefit you at all.

Some may argue that your digestive system has much harsher agents than water to break elements down into smaller parts. The water test is to show that the vitamins and minerals will not break down in time and they will not be able to compete with other materials in your digestive system.
Note that if you put a liquid multi vitamin in a glass of water it dissipates on the spot. This illustrates how the liquid multi vitamin works on your system. The effects you feel from the vitamins and minerals are almost immediate. Anyone who takes a liquid multi vitamin will tell you that he immediately feels a surge of energy.

Some may argue that the surge of energy is purely psychological and it seems like the power of persuasion prevails. However, few people, if any make the same statement about taking a vitamin in a pill form. In fact, most people, including myself, complain of nausea after taking the pill form.
There are drawbacks to taking a liquid multi vitamin. Though it benefits greatly over most other forms of supplementing your nutrition, the liquid multi vitamin has a relatively short shelf life. You can keep a bottle of vitamins in pill form for months or even years.

The well preserved hard vitamins and minerals are trapped in the pill. However, the liquid multi vitamin is almost completely absorbed by the body.

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