Thursday, October 12, 2006

Remember To Send Your Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Remember To Send Your Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Show your loved ones that you're thinking of them this special holiday by sending Thanksgiving greeting cards. Thanksgiving greeting cards can be funny or serious - cute or traditional - paper or electronic - it's your choice!

Traditional Thanksgiving greeting cards usually display a typical holiday scene and wish their recipients well with simple stationery. The graphics and illustrations on Thanksgiving greeting cards might include pilgrims, a pumpkin, apples, and more with lovely fall colors. And they usually try to emphasize the vintage atmosphere of this holiday with simple, friendly, unconditioned thankfulness. These type of Thanksgiving greeting cards are for folks who take this holiday *very* seriously and they can be found where ever greeting cards are sold.

Other, less serious Thanksgiving greeting cards might use humor, cartoons, or animation to tell a joke or to tell a cute little story. And they too, use holiday graphics like a turkey or rich horn of plenty to celebrate and send funny wishes. These types of Thanksgiving greeting cards are...

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