Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funky Hair Color - My Favorite Choice

Funky Hair Color - My Favorite Choice

My mom use to always tell me,"There's a time and a place for everything." That's really great advice. I sometimes apply that philosophy to my hair color. Sometimes I like to play it straight and wear a regular conservative average looking hair color, like black, brown, or even blond. Occasionally, however,I like to punk things up a bit and I'll wear a funky hair color.

Funky hair colors are really cool. I just can’t get enough of a funky hair color or an unusual hairstyle. Having just the right funky hair color can really change the way people perceive me. They'll think I’m strange or different, unusual or special. I lean towards the special side of the comments. After all, not everyone call pull off orange hair.

I make it really look good.Sometimes the attention is negative, and sometimes it's positive. Either way, it can really feel good to have people paying attention to you. You are the star attraction when you walk down the street or enter a room. All eyes are on you. That's when a funky hair color is paying off.

My favorite funky hair color is blue. A lot of people think that blue looks too artificial, but I disagree. They just don't know how to wear it right. It is not looking artificial that is unfashionable, it is looking garish or uncomfortable. If you have bright purple hair, for example, or even worse, pink hair, people will find it hard to look at you. But blue is just a funky hair color that everyone can get into. Of course they will know it’s a dye job, but that is the whole point of a funky hair color. With blue hair, you can do things your own way and still harmonize with your surroundings. That is what a funky hair color is all about.

Of course, you should look at pictures of various hair colors before you settle on any funky hair color. After all, your hair will never look exactly the same until you let grow it out again. Even if you dye your funky hair color back to normal, the dye will still have lingering effects in your hair. The color will not be quite right, the highlights will be different, and the texture will be different. This is why it is important to only choose a funky hair color that you can live with for a while. If you’re not exactly sure what you want, try dying your hair a slightly lighter shade. Don't go for the bold colors until you're really prepared stick with it. Otherwise, you will have damaged your hair for nothing.

One of the great things about funky hair color is that you don't have to worry about trends. After all, if you’re sporting a funky hair color you're saying that you don’t really care about standard convention. To return to my example of blue hair, when it's in style it will look fashionable and when it is out of style it will look counter cultural. Either way, you can’t lose, funky hair colors are in style.

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