Thursday, August 24, 2006

Address Stamps are fun

Address Stamps are Fun

When using an address stamp, do you ever make a note of the picture on the stamp? It is amazing to see just how many different kinds of address stamp pictures are seen on envelopes throughout the world. From presidents to members of the Disney World crew, there are many different pictures and icons that make it on an address stamp.

When we take a minute to reflect on some of the images we see on these stamps, it is easy to see that even these small little sticky pieces of paper mean more than the cents they are worth. In other words, there can be some value of memory or meaning behind an address stamp for some consumers.

This is probably why many people collect stamps, because of the meaning behind some of them. The hobby of collecting stamps can be a passion, or something that started when someone found one that had some kind of momentous value to it. After all, this kind of value would be enough for anyone to keep it.

It is like paintings or portraits in their own way, celebrating past lives or current trends with a tiny piece of art, and what better way to keep and share the art than by collecting as many pieces as you can and putting them in a book of some kind. Many people who really could care less about what is printed on an address stamp might think collecting them is simply a waste of time, and for some people it just might be.

But in reality when someone enjoys the beauty of what is printed on an address stamp, and the value of some of these stamps just may make them rich one day, there does not seem to be a time wasting element here. The hobby offers a lot to people who are interested in it.

It can serve as a relaxation time, a time to reflect, and plain and simply a time of redemption. It is amazing to think about the ways a simple address stamp can impact someone in their lives, and not just because they get an all important letter in the mail either. The bottom line is that collecting address stamps may not be for everyone, but it sure should not be ruled out as a great hobby to take part in when it comes to embracing part of our American culture, or our World’s culture for that matter.

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