Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Advance Cash Loan

The other month, I needed an advance cash loan to pay off my rent. You see, it had been a terribly difficult couple of months for me. I had gotten sick and so had my boy, Davy. It was nothing serious – we both had just a minor infection, but our insurance wouldn't cover the medicine we needed to fight it off. 100 or 200 dollars for me plus the copay isn't chump change – I'm already living hand to mouth, and sometimes almost need to get an advance cash loan like at 123onlinepayday, to make ends meet as it is. But I don't, since the loan will only put me into debt.

But add to this, we had car trouble. I have an old clunker – an 83 ford that barely runs any more, and all of the sudden, it broke down on the side of the road. Wouldn't you know it. Turns out to be serious transmission trouble, so another $300 dollars that I didn't have. Fortunately, we were entering the busy season. I work in retail, and around Christmas, there's always plenty of overtime to be had for those of us who want to work it. But then again, my advance cash loan set me back a pretty penny. The jerks insisted on charging me %15 interest on what I borrowed. So I decided to borrow very little from them and the rest from my aunt. I swallowed my pride, and went over to her house.

In general, she is an unassuming lady, and eager to help, but she takes issues of financial responsibility very seriously, When I told her that I needed the money because of the prescription medicine, the car, and the rent, she reminded me that for years, she had been telling me to save up “for a rainy day”. I told her that I knew that, and wouldn't even have come to her, except that the advance cash loan would cost me 15% interest, and so would swallow up next months income as well. After berating me and brow beating me a little bit more, she did give me most of the money – she is pretty broke herself, and so $200 of what I was short I had to come up with from the advance cash loan. Still, that is a lot less money, and I know that she won't make me pay it back the very next month. I'm glad I didn't get it all from the advance cash loan, and went to my aunt instead – it would have broken the bank otherwise.

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