Sunday, November 19, 2006

Basic Backgammon Directions

Basic Backgammon Directions

Like baccarat, many people were introduced to the game of backgammon by seeing it displayed prominently in a James Bond film. While the scene where Roger Moore one ups the bad guys by turning the tables on their attempts at cheating is fun to watch, it is somewhat confusing because there are no backgammon directions provided. That is, the rules are never explained so it is hard to follow the way the cheating determines the outcome! Then again, since the audience purchased a ticket to be entertained by the film and not to get a lecture on the game of backgammon, the exclusion of any backgammon directions is fairly understandable.

Like any other game, backgammon would be fairly difficult to play if the players had no idea what the rules are! This is why a clear explanation of backgammon directions is needed. If the understanding of backgammon directions is unclear, then the game will...

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