Sunday, November 19, 2006

Playing Tungsten Sudoku For A Neo-Traditional Step Forward

Playing Tungsten Sudoku For A Neo-Traditional Step Forward

Americans, like people from everywhere else in the world, like games. This is especially true when the games are challenging enough that a great sense of accomplishment is achieved when solved. Further, with the drive towards education and improvement of intelligence quotients, the push for games like Sudoku is on the rise.

Yet any game such as Sudoku is often looked at strangely when played from a newspaper with pen or pencil. The reason for this is that so many people have computers these days and Sudoku is a numbers game on a graph. These two concepts could easily be merged and certainly would be compatible, and so they are reborn in the form of tungsten Sudoku.

Yet, one will ask: what is tungsten Sudoku, and how does it differ from an online version. First of all, tungsten Sudoku is available online or for one's own computer. As well, there is a person computerized version which is...

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